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The Condition Known As Gynecomastia, Symptoms And Treatment

Dr. Miguel DelgadoBy Miguel Delgado, M.D.

The condition that is known as gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast tissue in one or both of the breasts affecting men. This condition may result in tender or painful breast regions and swelling of the breast region as well. At times, this condition is temporary in 30% of those males who experience the condition. In the other 70%, it becomes a permanent condition. Hormone imbalances and obesity are the leading causes of gynecomastia. Sometimes, medication is used to treat certain imbalances that can lead to enlarged breast tissue. By ending the usage of that medication, it may eliminate gynecomastia. Other possible conditions that can lead to gynecomastia are aging, chemotherapy treatment for cancer, chronic liver disease, kidney failure, marijuana use, and genetic effects.

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Treatments vary from home care to medical care.
Home care:

  • Ending the use of medications that may lead to enlarged breast tissue
  • Stopping the use of recreational drugs like marijuana
  • Eliminating the use of supplements for bodybuilding or anabolic steroids and performance enhancer supplementation.

Medical care:

  • Necessary when the home (self) care has not helped the situation
  • You should contact a medical provider if you are experiencing painful swelling or tissue
  • If you experience blood or dark fluid emissions or discharge from the nipple
  • If the patient experiences sores or ulcers on the skin over the breast
  • If a firm lump is felt under the skin

The medical provider can determine the cause and treatment that is best for the patient. A detailed medical history will be performed to create a pattern of risk for the patient. Tests will then be performed to create a baseline and rule out the risk of cancer. With these tests, any existing conditions may be treated prior to the treatment of gynecomastia. With a medical baseline made and underlying conditions dealt with now is when a provider can begin to confront the issues with gynecomastia. Allowing a patient to educate themselves and to show them where to obtain information at websites like, may be the first line of defense for patients. Giving options to the patient beyond education such as; hormone replacement, surgery, and counseling are the steps that are taken next.

Miguel Delgado, M.D. a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializes in gynecomastia. He understands gynecomastia is an emotionally and physically painful condition that boys in their adolescence and young to older men face. The torture faced from the taunting lasts a lifetime; treatment may be necessary for the abuse inflicted on the patient. At times, gynecomastia will correct itself during puberty but for those who do not get relief through puberty, the only options are; to ignore it or receive medical help to make it go away. For more information visit