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Dr. Ellen Mahony: Before and After Breast Implants

Dr. Ellen Mahony: Breast Augmentation

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41yo, G6P4, 5’4”, 122lb Ideal 300-340cc, Mastopexy of L breast 32B-32D When this 41-year-old, 5’4’’, 122lb, mother of four came in to see Dr. Mahony, she was unhappy with her breast size and her significant breast asymmetry. Prior to becoming pregnant, she was a full & perky 32B cup. During her pregnancy and while breast feeding, her breast volume increased to a 38EE. Unfortunately, after breast feeding, her breasts did not return to that perky 32B. And, she felt she lost that “sexy” that had been a part of what defined her as a woman. That’s when she made the decision to have breast augmentation surgery. Her first visit was a success! She felt an immediate connection with Dr. Mahony and knew she was in the right hands. She comfortably sat with Dr. Mahony and went over all of her questions and concerns, tried on a variety of implant sizers and never felt rushed. Dr. Mahony explained that having asymmetric breasts is very common, but she can use several techniques to give her more symmetry! After learning and understanding the procedure, this mom felt one step closer to making her dream a reality. Her surgery went smoothly, using 300cc ideal implants, in the sub-muscular position, through incisions below the breasts. Her left breast required a lift due to the excessive sagging of the skin. She only needed a few days off from work and is thrilled with her results! Dr. Mahony brought her “sexy” back, as well as her confidence! she loves her 32D cup breasts! Contact us at 203-221-0102 for your Breast Augmentation visit!

Before and After Breast Augmentation Photos courtesy of Dr. Ellen Mahony, a board certified female plastic surgeon 131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut 06880. Ask Dr. Mahony a question regarding cosmetic surgery or schedule a consultation at (203) 221-0102. Learn more about Dr. Mahony.
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