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5 Reasons Breast Implants Are Worth It

Dr. Frank Campanile, Top Denver Plastic SurgeonBy Frank Campanile

The cosmetic surgery site RealSelf lists an overwhelmingly positive “worth it” rating for breast implants as ranked by site members, while a recent study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports a 98 percent satisfaction rate among women after breast augmentation. Just what is it that makes breast augmentation so popular? Here are five reasons women feel that breast implants are totally worth it.

1. Fuller Cup Size
Having physically larger breasts is perhaps the most obvious benefit of breast implants, but it’s certainly a significant one. Many women find after getting breast implants that the increase in cup size gives them a more proportional figure that increases their natural beauty. Having disproportionately small breasts can be distracting and make finding clothing that fits properly more difficult. The added volume offered by implants can lend your figure the voluptuousness that you may have lacked before.

2. Psychological Benefits
Women with breast implants experience more than just a physical change—they often undergo a psychological transformation as well. Some women never develop breasts, a condition called micromastia, and can feel unfeminine or even abnormal as a result. Other women develop asymmetrical breasts and may also experience feelings of abnormality or poor body image.

Breast implants can give women a chance to love and embrace their bodies if self-consciousness over smaller-than-average breast size has held them back, helping them moving forward from past insecurities. Many women who want a larger cup size often find that their self-image dramatically improves following breast implant surgery.

3. Improved Sex Life
Because sexual satisfaction is so intrinsically linked to self-confidence, women with deep insecurities about their bodies can feel uncomfortable being sexual. According to a RealSelf poll, many women report an increase in their overall sexual satisfaction after getting breast implants due to their more positive body image, along with the increased sense of femininity and sexiness a curvier figure provides.

4. A Range of Results
With a range of options available, implants can give you that high and rounded bust line you’ve always wanted, simply add a subtle boost to your figure that looks completely natural or give you virtually any look that lands somewhere in between. The best breast augmentation results are perfectly tailored to each woman’s anatomy and personal preferences for a look that brings out the best in your entire body.

5. Natural Look and Feel
If there’s one thing that can lead women to feel less sure about getting breast implants, it’s the concern that the implants could look or feel too obvious. With all the implant options available today, there’s never been a better time to enjoy incredibly natural-looking breast augmentation results. A skilled plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation can offer invaluable advice on creating the most flattering look for your figure, including suggestions on using saline or silicone implants, choosing submuscular or subglandular placement and ensuring that your implant size meets your goals.

Breast implants today offer more benefits than they did even just a couple of decades ago due to continued improvements in surgical technique and implant design. While many women go into their surgery with the physical benefits in mind, they may be surprised by the positive impact implants can have on their self-esteem, sex life and other areas of life, making breast implants a choice that’s well worth it in more ways than one.