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4 Essentials for the Best Mommy Makeover Results

Dr. Frank Campanile, Top Denver Plastic SurgeonBy Frank Campanile

The miracle of motherhood changes just about everything about a woman’s life. However, along with the joy that children bring comes a range of physical changes that are often harder for mothers to feel as positive about. Including some essential procedures as part of your mommy makeover can help restore the sexier, more youthful look that defined your figure before the impact of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

1. Combining a Breast Lift with Implants
It’s tempting for many women to think of breast implants as a one-stop solution to “deflated” or droopy breasts. However, breast implants alone can’t always achieve the perky, uplifted look women want. In women with significant ptosis (sagging) due to fluctuations in weight, years of nursing or simply gravity’s toll, combining a breast lift with implants may be the perfect way to create a curvaceous look to the bust line.

While breast implants can restore lost volume, they cannot improve the placement of breasts on the chest wall, especially if ptosis is a significant issue. Combining the two procedures—a breast lift plus implants—may help create superior outcomes. For women who are dissatisfied with a change in placement in their breasts as well as a loss in volume, adding a breast lift along with breast implants to your mommy makeover may be the perfect solution.

2. Including Lipo with a Tummy Tuck
On its own, liposuction can play an important role in a mommy makeover, but incorporating lipo at the same time as a tummy tuck can take body contouring one step further. While a tummy tuck can achieve impressive tightening of loose skin and muscles on the stomach when performed as a solo surgery, lipo can provide the finishing touch of more refined contours.

By pairing these two procedures, the C.L.A.S.S. drain-free tummy tuck can deliver a beautiful and natural look, avoiding the “too flat” artificial appearance that can sometimes occur in other tummy tucks. Since the C.L.A.S.S. approach also requires no surgical drains, your mommy makeover recovery can be made that much more comfortable.

3. Adding Appropriate Med Spa Treatments
While not traditionally included on the list of components that comprise a mommy makeover, adding a few appropriate med spa treatments can further enhance your overall results by putting a more youthful finishing touch on your head-to-toe transformation. These noninvasive and nonsurgical add-on treatments rejuvenate your complexion for smoother, firmer, clearer skin and diminished wrinkles.

Mothers hoping to make a total transformation by taking years off their appearance (and sometimes looking better than they did before they ever had children) may benefit from complementary medical spa treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, injectable fillers such as Restylane® or medical-grade skin care treatments.

4. Choosing an Excellent Surgeon
Beyond asking the right questions at your consultation or deciding on the ideal treatments to achieve the look you desire, choosing a well-qualified board certified plastic surgeon is the single best way to achieve the best mommy makeover results.

Knowing the best way to combine procedures in a treatment approach that’s designed to truly bring out the best in your body requires the extensive experience of a surgeon who regularly performs mommy makeovers. Your surgeon choice is by far the most essential part of getting the most outstanding outcomes in the safest possible manner, so be sure to make the selection of a qualified plastic surgeon your number one priority.