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3 Reasons to Stick with Tumescent Liposuction

Dr. Frank Campanile, Top Denver Plastic SurgeonBy Frank Campanile

If a patient considering liposuction goes online to research the procedure, he or she might be surprised by how many new gadgets and techniques have been developed within the world of lipo. Despite all the latest options, I personally advise my patients to stick with tumescent liposuction, often called “traditional” lipo, for three main reasons.

1. It’s a Tried and True Technique
Even though tumescent liposuction has been around for decades, plastic surgeons still regard this method as the gold standard for body contouring. First, liquid designed to reduce bruising and bleeding, loosen the fat cells and increase patient comfort is injected into the area to be treated. The surgeon then meticulously sculpts a slimmer figure by breaking up and removing the fat with a cannula. With a long and successful track record behind it, tumescent lipo remains a tried and true approach.

2. New Gadgetry Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better Results
While some doctors prefer some of the new specialized cannulas or other gadgetry in the world of lipo, there’s no guarantee that these novelties will yield better results. Patients should ask to see before-and-after photos of their surgeon’s other patients and research his or her education and experience before deciding to move forward with any method of lipo.

3. Technical Skill Is More Important than Technique
During lipo, surgeons carefully sculpt away excess tissue to create a smoother, more streamlined silhouette. Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon with an artistic eye as well as technical skill is the best way to achieve beautiful curves and contours. Keep in mind that the expertise and ability of your doctor has much more of an effect on your results than the lipo method you choose.