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3 Reasons Breast Implants Look Fabulous in Women Over 40

Dr. Frank Campanile, Top Denver Plastic Surgeonby Dr. Frank Campanile

While many women dread turning the big 4-0, others find that it’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter in life. If you’ve spent a decade or two raising a family, building a career and getting your financial future in order, your 40s can be a time to relax. With less stress on your plate, it’s easier to focus on making yourself happy.

For this reason, many women who may have neglected their own wants and needs during their stressful 20s and 30s can then use their 40s to enhance their appearance through cosmetic surgery. In fact, there are three main reasons getting breast implants in your 40s can be a great idea.

1. Implants Restore Youthfulness to Aging Breasts
Like the rest of the body, the breasts go through many changes as women age. Dwindling estrogen levels cause a decrease in breast tissue (and therefore volume) over time, while skin loses elasticity and firmness as years go by. These factors contribute to cause sagging in the breasts.

For women frustrated that their breasts don’t have that full, youthful look anymore, breast implants can be a perfect solution. Implants can restore fullness and perkiness to aging breasts, and can even address sagging in some cases. While more severe droopiness may require a breast lift, milder cases of sagging may be corrected with breast implants alone.

Many women have the misconception that breast implants always cause breasts to seem “fake” and look more appropriate in younger women. However, with the variety of implant sizes and profiles available today, women in their 40s can easily find breast implants that offer a natural-looking result for a figure that looks rejuvenated and sexy yet completely age appropriate.

2. Your Childbearing Years Are Behind You
Women in their 40s are typically finished having children, which is another reason why it’s a great time to get breast implants. While breast augmentation can be performed on younger women who still plan to have families, the natural swelling and stretching of the breasts that occurs during pregnancy can alter their final outcome. Sometimes, women are unsatisfied with how their augmented breasts look after their pregnancy, which can mean a second procedure later on. Waiting until your 40s means that you can get great breast augmentation results the first time around.

3. 40 Is the New 20
Thanks to an increased focus on nutrition and fitness, many women in their 40s are incredibly healthy and often look much younger than they are. Celebrities like Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston are proving that age is just a number by looking gorgeous, fit and fabulous well into their fifth decade. Even women who aren’t movie stars are taking great care of themselves these days.

Today’s women have figured out how to hang on to a healthy, vibrant appearance well beyond their 20s and 30s by taking care of their bodies, as evidenced by the explosion of yoga studios on every street corner and foods like kale and quinoa becoming more commonly found in people’s refrigerators. Implants can simple be another aspect of looking your best.

Feeling confident shouldn’t have an age limit. Breast enhancement can be ideal for women who feel great about their body but just aren’t happy with their breasts. With a curvier figure as one of the defining characteristics of femininity, having breasts you’re proud of can make you feel sexy and empowered at any age.